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Why we like to hear others rant

Ranting is great, honestly. I like to rant, but I like to hear others rant so much more. Like “okay sis or bro, let it out. Let me see the world burned.” Maybe… Continue reading

The Fifth Mermaid

Is one who combines the four elements and creates her own substance. Much like an orchestra, gathering all of parts of Humor, Practical, Nurture and Passion to intertwine. I used to think what… Continue reading

I, Suffer

  When you give to others, you don’t lose. You gain. You always think that when others walk away from you, they take away with them your most precious gift. And you become… Continue reading

Connection and vulnerability

I helped my brother with his assignment about Brene Brown ‘s research of the co-relation between Connection and Vulnerability. I have watched her profound presentation of The Power Of Vulnerability on TED: Ideas… Continue reading