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Purge and room

I’m curious, do you feel the multi-facet of your room? Perhaps I’m sensitive. I feel the difference of it most days: level of vibrancy, mood, distance. These few days it is too far… Continue reading

In A Crowd Of Unknown

Brad told me he used to be overweight. “I was so fat. You have no idea how cruel people were to me. They treated me like dirt; they bullied, even beat me up.… Continue reading

Open Eye And Walk Into The Sea

You know how to tell if something is a truth, or lie? Truth hurts, lie doesn’t. So when you see someone acting out of character, be compassionate to that person: they are suffering,… Continue reading

All At Once

WARNING: If you read this and you don’t know what I am talking about or why I am so angry, GOOD! This post isn’t for you. And if you feel like “Oh My… Continue reading

Connection and vulnerability

I helped my brother with his assignment about Brene Brown ‘s research of the co-relation between Connection and Vulnerability. I have watched her profound presentation of The Power Of Vulnerability on TED: Ideas… Continue reading