About Me

People asked me why I wouldn’t change my plain blog title for a really long time. There you go, I have already. This is the second time I changed it. The first time was on January 2013. One thing I regret was I deleted the very original section “About Me” which was created back in 2010. I stopped writing completely for a year (2012). In 2013, I found that spark again and I couldn’t stop writing. Writing is not just a way of expressing myself or beliefs or interests. It is my life; it is my vice; it is my voice. I write online, offline, in my head or on any random piece of paper I find. It’s like the ocean waves need to heave and I call it breathing. A breath within a breath. I write to rewind and seek out my center. As the moment goes, it continues the next. We keep on shifting; and I am also going on. But the center will always stay in the same position. You will find me alive in all of the pages I have written, even in the verge of madness and order.

People think I am intriguing because of my contradictions. Truth is, I embrace my nature to the fullest. It’s not easy for sure, but nothing is easy, you agree? Duality isn’t duality anymore if we manage to unify distinguishing aspects of our personality into efficient unit, instead of compartmentalizing them into separate, final portions. At the end, these natures are there to support for the grand system. An integration of human nature.

I personally think that the name now most accurately represents the content of this blog. Of course, I will have some changes in the future if necessary. As all things develop, so does this blog.

I have written more than 300 blog posts over the years. So I think it’s kind of redundant if I stretch this page too long. I am more than humbled to share my moments with you. You see, life happens; but I have a choice to select the ones which illuminate, and essentialize it. Even in the most dreadful chain of events, beauty is there. And that’s what I most seek out. Most importantly, form is just a matter of the external; it is ethereal; vitality exists at the depth of all beings.

Enjoy reading!

And have a wonderful journey.

Loves, Peace, And Contentment from my heart to yours,

Note 1

“The Victor Of Madness & Order” is changed to “Journal Electric, Of Love” on July 3, 2016