The four facets of Tara

I have heard so much about “The United States of Tara” but today, i decided to watch it and guess what, I am in LOVE. This is like nothing i’ve watched before. It’s so real, yet interesting TV series. So alright, Tara is diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD). Her “alters” come out when she has a breakdown or is upset or feels like she can’t handle the situation. I get to see “T” first in the pilot. T shows up when Tara realizes her daughter gets involved in sexual activities with her boyfriend. T is a teenage character who is rebellious, vulgar, sexual, and fun to be around. Obviously, her daughter, Kate loves T because she can relate so much. Then i met Buck, a male character, who is violent and aggressive. Buck shows up when Tara feels the threats. Finally, Alice is such a wonderful charming character. She is so domestic, classy(in red heels, red bold lipstick, and flower print dress) and very manipulative. She shows up when the situation requires tact and diplomatic approach.

Tara is a gentle talented artist, who i think is an INFJ. She thinks of herself as a boring, timid person who dares to speak up for herself. She thinks that her family doesn’t want HER to be around; she thinks the “alters” entertain her family so much better than she does. Fact is, the females characters try to seduce her husband Max countless of times but he choose not to do anything with them. He loves her and wants her(Tara), not her other parts. Now, it feels a little bit weird to me. So, you are still you, but not you? LOL. Just imagine, you are in the same body but you carry different mindsets, accents, and appearance. It’s very intriguing right? However, her folks are used to it. They have gotten to the four facets of Tara for 17 years. Thus, when other “alters” show up, they will act accordingly.

Tara has a very dysfunctional family. Her daughter is some sort of a attention seeker. She doesn’t have enough of that from her parents i guess, especially from her mom. I guess growing up like Kate is very hard. Every member in Tara’s family always try to look out for her and protect her. Her son, Marshall has homosexual tendency. I say that because he’s only 14 and depending on his environment, he may turn out heterosexual as he matures. With that said, you can see how frustrating it is for her household to remain “normal”. But of course, from the outside, it doesn’t look that way. Even in the core, everyone in the family knows it’s not normal. They are different and they just have to learn to cope with it.

The way movies made is presenting others’ dreams to you. It’s surreal because of this dream-like effect but at the same time, you can feel its realness in some degree. It seems like real because it has a touch of reality into it. I have never known how a MPD individual lives a daily basis. Now, i am on the roller coaster ride with her. At the beginning, i thought it was a bit flabbergasted since it seems over-exaggerated. After a while following her lead, it seems less bizarre and more normal. I feel empathetic and i am glad that she has such a great sport in her team. The series is very educational, heartfelt and comedic. Watching it and i think we all have MPD. Something triggers and there, another fragment of our soul comes out. I am at the very beginning of the show, so i know there are a lot more to expect and anticipate.

It’s pretty funny when Tara is annoyed by her “alter friends”. She is embarrassed by their presence. But if you think about it, these alter egos exist to fulfill for the lack of her character. It is similar to how we desire a certain trait for our persona. Thus, they are still her. She needs to understand them and their need to show up in time to protect her and deliver important tasks which she can’t deliver. They are there to help more than destroy her. But you know, i think the dynamic of Tara’s interactions with her family is the reason the alters are less threatening and dangerous than some well-known individuals i have heard about. I think that because of her family support, Tara’s alters are not suppressed; therefore, they tend to come out in needed situations.

Good Bless America, and Toni Collette. She is such a wonderful actor. She has done a successful job in giving us a true live event of a MPD person. It is easy to look at, but not at all to live.