Lipstick obsessed

It’s this time of the year again. Fall! I have a love for makeup (if you can’t already tell) and the thing I love the most about it is lip products. Oh my… Continue reading

mirror mirror

One of my friends does her makeup behind a dark curtain. I asked her why. This was what she said. “I have a choice of not doing any makeup at all, or it… Continue reading

Through The Looking Glass (2)

Last year, I wrote Through The Looking Glass (Part 1) and was thinking of writing part 2 in the same year, only to finish what I observed. But then, new thoughts and ideas… Continue reading

Retrospection of “Shame” after 3 years

On May 2013, I wrote a very long movie review for the movie Shame (2011). I don’t remember the whole post but I remember distinctively how I was unsure of some behavior of… Continue reading

This is a rant

In the past, I was pretty good with this stuff. I mean I swore like a savage, cursed like a sailor, caricatured figures, named names etc. I think that I have rage. I… Continue reading


In one occasion, I asked Joe when we were on the rooftop of a high rise building “What is gonna happen if we fall?” “First, the temperature of your body will decrease, then… Continue reading

It’s Friday

Friday Okay Friday Let’s stop thinking about Friday because tomorrow is Saturday. I was so excited when I wrote those line and then I did some work, it took some time and now… Continue reading

What A Crazy Month

All months are weird, let’s be honest. But this month, I feel like the madness was getting there. And what did I do? I allowed it to happen. Phone bombed for the second… Continue reading

The Scent Of illusion

I went to the cafe to see my friend. It was a marvelous day, blue sky and strong wind. Our talk couldn’t have been more interesting. Jess, my friend’s nickname, looked into space… Continue reading


“Sometime, you know, I have a feeling that I am kipnaped and my husband is waiting, waiting for me at home. He wants me to come back and he pleads and pleads, ‘come… Continue reading