In hibernation

I started to feel not like myself since last Monday. It happened to me yesterday that I was on auto pilot mode. All the negative thought came to mind and I remembered everything… Continue reading

I love her

Last Wednesday, Harnosha went to our store. The last time we met, it was in February and it was an unforgettable day for me. I knew, that it would be quite some time… Continue reading

The silence before madness

I feel like at this point, chaos was already stirred and Cecilia has become a celebrity in her very own way. At the same time, she is the butt of a joke. All… Continue reading

3 weeks

Since I came back… My god it seems like ages ago. You know I hear people say that all the time but I’m not sure if they understand the meaning of it 🤔🤭😆… Continue reading

Gotta. Vent

Here I’m at it again. So cecilia…cecilia. You bad bitch. Including the trainer, Gaelle, you are also a bitch. Lucky thing Gaelle will no longer show up after today. In the past few… Continue reading

Nothing at all

I have been doing some serious introspection today. After some hectic days now I had a chance to slow down and just think about stuff. Nothing at all. Just randomness. About people. Oh… Continue reading

I can’t …

I know this post is silly and random and whiny and all sorts of things non related to the previous post. But hear me out…I’ve been so lazy recently and I have to… Continue reading