The seed of neurosis 

August 4, 2016 Mr. Triple S told me in a heat burst evening, “He is just as paranoid as I am. He just hides it better.” Looking out from a reflective windowpane in… Continue reading

6 years since Winnipeg

December 11, 2010 A sweet escape Close your eyes and imagine i am there, with you. Boom! the magic works. I hold your hands and tell you your not dreaming, i am really… Continue reading

Up Running

Last night I saw Neo when I got out of the elevator. It’s been 1 year since I last saw him. He looks different in appearance and indifferent now to me. Well, last… Continue reading


I don’t understand me. Like last night, after taking a shower, I wanted to sleep. But I wasn’t ready. “No no, I have to put on night cream at least. My skin is… Continue reading


I have known a couple and they are very funny people. For a day like today, say it’s 20 degree Celsius, which by the way, I am loving this weather so far. Please… Continue reading

Deep In The Forest

October 20, 2015 Dan always called me at odd timing and I always picked up even in the most inconvenient moment. One time he called when I just got in the washroom. “Hello?… Continue reading

The Meetup

  Today has been interesting. I am slightly annoyed because sometime I just wanna be chilled and quiet but no, people don’t let me. So I come out of my zone and yell.… Continue reading

Learning to fly

In September I mentioned that I didn’t dream that much anymore. 9 months with 3 dreams. If you know me, this is impossible. Well, since then I’ve had so many dreams. They are… Continue reading

Trading Information

Let’s play a game. Imagine today is past Thursday. On Wednesday night, I was contemplating on what I should write because it was like a jungle of ideas on my mind. All branches… Continue reading

First Post on WordPress

On November 4, 2010 I posted this Hmmk, no word, only picture. I remember the time so vividly. “Monster”. I loved it so much that I wrote a post about it, A monster without… Continue reading