It’s this time of the year

So instead of writing last night, I’m updating tonight. How about that And hey how do you like my new emoji? Omg omg so dope. I can’t stop playing. New features from the… Continue reading

Unexpected conversations

Last night I dreamed of him. It wasn’t the first time we interacted with each other on the phone, in a dream. And there are variations of how we got a hold of… Continue reading

Random and weird

Again. Another weirdy weird day. 🧔🏼 This week has been a little off. I really wanna get out of this funkydy funk. And yet, maybe just my opinion about things. Perhaps others will… Continue reading

One week

One week with so many mixed emotions. One hell of a ride. Today I was totally exhausted. Actually this week I felt thoroughly tired. I kept pushing and pushing. At the end, I… Continue reading

Synchronicity or random?

My phone and I have such a close relationship, exclusive almost. But there were times, missed signals occurred. It got me mad. When I was using the old phone, you know one you… Continue reading

About fairness

Or lack thereof. You know people often share their view about how portions should be distributed evenly. It’s because in life, everyone deserves a chance. Idealistic, yes! In life, it doesn’t stand a… Continue reading

So…Birthday woman?!?

Hehe Tada Whoohooo It’s almost been 2 weeks after my birthday. And you bet your sweet ass it was such a nice beautiful day. You know I was thinking to myself, “Whoa it… Continue reading