Half a year gone

Hi folks, it’s me again 😅 after so many moon. To clarify, it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to write (I write daily nowadays) and it takes second to open up the… Continue reading

Life mission

Is to fight stupid! 🤣 Omg where do I begin with? Let’s start with today. I was sleeping and I received phone calls and texts. It’d be okay if needed, urgent, life and… Continue reading

Peculiarity happens as we think

How many times do we think we think? A lot! But in actuality, how many times we think? Not too much. For me, I think as I do something. When I don’t do,… Continue reading

Phase of introspection

Not much of action from me this month. After intensive work in November, I’ve been in thinking mode. I think I repeated myself there, and in the past posts. I’m just trying to… Continue reading

From two sides of spectrum

This week, I’ve been sleeping quite a bit. I had no time for work, because I’m in the middle of fucking dramas. Not mine. But others’. Three females run the fucking show. When… Continue reading

I can’t hear you

So today, someone from head office came on site and gave a lecture. Actually, she wasn’t in a great place (emotionally) to beginning with. Her whole operation is collapsing. And most of all,… Continue reading

Half a year

I’ve been on and off here, but my focus was on the other place. Today I have made a decision to come back here for good. This place has always been my home.… Continue reading


I write so much that I have nothing to share here. This year has come to an end. I have had the most unpredictable, with lots of turns, year. People are coming and… Continue reading

And it gets weirder and weirder

These few days I was on a roller coaster. But I felt off yesterday and today. I think we all have had those days when nothing seems to flow right. I felt a… Continue reading

Complications at work

I have been away for a long time. I was in the other place. It was fast, and short. When I put out something, life went on. Everyday is a new day. But… Continue reading

Taking the back seat

I’ll be slow…one thing at a time. I need to decompress as so many things going on right now. It sucks because I want to rush to new frontiers as always, but due… Continue reading