In A Crowd Of Unknown

Brad told me he used to be overweight. “I was so fat. You have no idea how cruel people were to me. They treated me like dirt; they bullied, even beat me up.… Continue reading

Endless Summer

#throwbackthursday, because I am so out of ideas😛 Haha, I didn’t finish the post. Don’t know what happened. Maybe I fell asleep on the keyboard or whatever! Nah, it was a late night… Continue reading


Nope :d this isn’t erotic writing, but about a conversation about the topic.  “Have you thought of the day you grow old? Like all of a sudden you wake up one day and… Continue reading

A Silence Before A Break

On a visit to a local clinic, I met with this young man who had such an intense self-claim. He said, “I have no desire to do anything in life. I am aimless.… Continue reading

Birthday Girl

You have no idea. Okay, I used to hate it when I had so much to write and then I thought, how could others not write? Like what helped them? Because to me,… Continue reading

’80 Music Formula & Change

Do you like Lady Gaga new single Perfect Illusion? I honestly wasn’t into it on the first hearing but more and more it grew on me. So, that and another song she collabs… Continue reading

Lipstick obsessed

It’s this time of the year again. Fall! I have a love for makeup (if you can’t already tell) and the thing I love the most about it is lip products. Oh my… Continue reading

mirror mirror

One of my friends does her makeup behind a dark curtain. I asked her why. This was what she said. “I have a choice of not doing any makeup at all, or it… Continue reading

Through The Looking Glass (2)

Last year, I wrote Through The Looking Glass (Part 1) and was thinking of writing part 2 in the same year, only to finish what I observed. But then, new thoughts and ideas… Continue reading

Retrospection of “Shame” after 3 years

On May 2013, I wrote a very long movie review for the movie Shame (2011). I don’t remember the whole post but I remember distinctively how I was unsure of some behavior of… Continue reading