Into the wild

The journey of heart. My pilgrimage to where it all began.  I’m going home.  It happened so very fast. And I questioned my decision, oh the abxiety and doubt.  Anger and sadness. The… Continue reading

The dream of your future

Her: I feel like…whenever we speak, we generate a kind of…negativity. I am not quite sure. In fact I don’t know what to think. I was shocked with her words, but suddenly I… Continue reading

The Cancer sentiment

The title though 😛 To be honest, I don’t want to make my blog all about zodiac but yes, in a way, I do. Let’s just dive into the world of symbolism and… Continue reading

First layer of Erotica

In December, I randomly went through my email account. There was an email sent to me, by me. I honestly didn’t remember that. As I read on, this story gave me an indescribable… Continue reading

This is the face of scorpions

I have not been a bum yet this month 😛 hopefully soon I will be. So this morning, I actually had so many plans in my head, “Oh I will do this, and… Continue reading

Multiplicity, Split, & January

I was telling my cousin, Oh man, I was so busy on February that I have a strong feeling this month I will be a bum. I mean, the last post, “The Dance… Continue reading

The Dance of Scorpions

This week I wanted to get some winter clothes. When I got to the stores, they didn’t have it. All on the display then was spring apparels. I feel like I am so… Continue reading

50 shades darker

Yes, I finally wanted to go see it despite the dreadful reviews. And okay, if you decide that you wanna go, then go, don’t listen to me. But I have to be honest,… Continue reading

Do It Anyway

The game of gambles, you need to stay alert. So when a high tide is up, bet more. Low tide, bet little. There is a high chance to gain than losing if we… Continue reading

love in hot balloon 

Guys guys…I’m writing this post on my phone, which is not something I often do. I’m a perfectionist ya know, ya know?  So…I have so much to share but I’m sick now. I… Continue reading