Official the last day of November

I didn’t think that I would finish this month with a good note. Oh no I didn’t even think I could write anything after November 4. It just seemed the an impossible mission.… Continue reading

Before the month ends

Sometimes I don’t write for months and now I’m like rushing and rushing, because I don’t want it to end. It aka November 🤣 I mean it’s just a lot, this month you… Continue reading

You are depressed when you have more

The title, haha it was Lao Tsu who said, if you want more knowledge, add things every day, and if you want wisdom, eliminate things every day. You know, something like that, not… Continue reading

Note before bed

Ok so I’m a bit moody these days right. I think it’s the lack of sun. A couple of days ago I felt drowsy, and just not alert. Like a sleepy head. Yesterday… Continue reading

So banana

Like you wouldn’t believe… But I won’t bore you with the details. Cos if one thing I’m good at, that is giving a concise description. Or sometimes I can go so far over… Continue reading

Back to the grind

Grind..grinder😋 I don’t even know what that is. I’m like 8 haha when will I be 9? It’s so hard being 8. Thing is when I’m there, it may be the same always.… Continue reading


Somehow I feel like today is my b-day 😘😂🙃love you bitch! I’m j(ay)-k1n9 aka joking aka I’m feeling somehow oddly lively at this moment. I was almost asleep and then I happened to… Continue reading