Libra season

Last night I couldn’t sleep. Huge trees and strong wind near the water making me nervous. Left the house at 9 am. I had planned to do tons of work today but I… Continue reading

A night of heavy shower and lullaby

I met the seductress in a coffee shop in Saigon and she blew my heart away. Finally I got to see her in the flesh and she was irresistible, more striking in person.… Continue reading

The other woman

Written on the plane to Vietnam June 26, 2017   It’s a blessing to see the hope in catastrophe. When you look at a picture, which side are you most drawn to, the… Continue reading

Something like love

This event happened two days after my last note and was written on August 25. Well most of it. Like 80% 😛    The police knocked on my friend’s door a couple of… Continue reading

You haven’t grown old

Last Wednesday, an old boss of mine cold called me. She said: “Amy, I haven’t seen you for so long. Why don’t you come by and help me this weekend? I have to… Continue reading


When you throw a boomerang to the sky, what bounces back isn’t the original one.   I came back to Canada for almost a month. It’s crazy. I had only a couple of… Continue reading

Into the wild

The journey of heart. My pilgrimage to where it all began.  I’m going home.  It happened so very fast. And I questioned my decision, oh the abxiety and doubt.  Anger and sadness. The… Continue reading

The dream of your future

Her: I feel like…whenever we speak, we generate a kind of…negativity. I am not quite sure. In fact I don’t know what to think. I was shocked with her words, but suddenly I… Continue reading

Thel Cancer sentiment

The title though 😛 To be honest, I don’t want to make my blog all about zodiac but yes, in a way, I do. Let’s just dive into the world of symbolism and… Continue reading

First layer of Erotica

In December, I randomly went through my email account. There was an email sent to me, by me. I honestly didn’t remember that. As I read on, this story gave me an indescribable… Continue reading