The end in the beginning

Trust me…I’m not the type who keeps banging on the same topic 🙃 but don’t you think I’m persistent these days? I just had a long conversation after the paragraph above, so now… Continue reading

Love me, love me not

I really want to talk about work right now but I’ll stop. One part of me is okay; some parts of me are getting tired of that. So…and I want to write today.… Continue reading

Catching hands

When I was in grade 7, I wanted to write a novel. I was really serious of writing one that is heartfelt, emotional, special. Before I started, I thought it was going to… Continue reading

A dream. A legend of a centrepiece. A mark

Last night I went to bed at 5 am and got up at 7 am. In my dream, I was drowning in a pool. I knew it was a dream but the sensation… Continue reading

The 3rd wave

I’m really on the roll today huh 😂 but I have to take advantage of this no sleep day. So much happened from yesterday until today. Today at first was a struggle because… Continue reading

A duet

Recently I have been written a lot😂 Also last month was very long and dreamy. I felt like the days were never end. There was so much communication and that was the reason… Continue reading


This time I laughed even louder 🤣🤣🤣 This week I’m so much better mentally, and emotionally. So it’s kinda funny to see how everybody around me behave and react. I can’t help but… Continue reading


“Why are you laughing?” My staffs asked me on the phone. “Nothing” I continued to laugh, for no apparent reason. We kept on talking for a while. Various things. “I’m in Brantford right… Continue reading

Update from the other side of productivity

Finally, after weeks on end (6 weeks), I can rest this weekend. Thinking about last weekend, I am still scarred. External factors were one thing, myself was another. I felt too exhausted but… Continue reading


The first time he interacted with her, lightness was in the air. Words flew out of them and dissipated into smoke. They talked for hours, yet nothing stayed. There was substance in their… Continue reading