Taking the back seat

I’ll be slow…one thing at a time. I need to decompress as so many things going on right now. It sucks because I want to rush to new frontiers as always, but due… Continue reading

Change in the making

I have been somewhere else. Last weekend, chaos occurred. But in some way, I made it work. This week, chaos happened. In a way it annoyed the crap out of me. So in… Continue reading

Lucky girl

Where should I start? Well I’ve been writing little updates, daily, on my work post. it’s a way to communicate with my staff about what’s going on with me. How I feel in… Continue reading


The thing is this, my patience is there for certain people. I can be so compassionate that if shocks me. But certainly, certain kind of people make me sick and it doesn’t take… Continue reading

Self indulgent

So I had a plan already when i got up today and that was spoiling myself. Why not? It’s my money. I spend on whatever I like. So, I calculated the route. And… Continue reading

Willow trees in shadows

This morning I got up feeling sad. This weekend I stopped working completely. It’s good for me but somehow having nothing to do makes me mellow. Friday June 26 I got home, after… Continue reading

Not enough to write, too much in mind

I’ll be honest. I don’t know what to write. No, I don’t know what to name this blog. So as I had done many times before, I’ll be free writing. Whatever comes from… Continue reading

In her eyes

People call her pretty, those who don’t know her well. Others, who have known her, call her beautiful. She likes neither of them. For a long time, she has looked at herself as… Continue reading

A little spark from history

“It is fate I tell you. I liked you even before I met you. And I will try my best to help you out.” It was true what I said. Rarely I lie.… Continue reading

The end in the beginning

Trust me…I’m not the type who keeps banging on the same topic 🙃 but don’t you think I’m persistent these days? I just had a long conversation after the paragraph above, so now… Continue reading

Love me, love me not

I really want to talk about work right now but I’ll stop. One part of me is okay; some parts of me are getting tired of that. So…and I want to write today.… Continue reading