Happy the year of Rat

But first, the coronavirus 👁 Now I’m thinking if I should go home in March…maybe should wait. What about my parents? I think they will understand. Talking about parents. My mom sent me… Continue reading

Trying to not try

Story 3: don’t push too hard, or else you break before it does Hey, before new year starts and this year ends, I was assigned with a lot of missions. Work missions, not… Continue reading

The last day of madness

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but from what I observe, every chaos has a beginning and definite end. It also lasts roughly 18-21 days. You probably don’t have any control over… Continue reading

Post Xmas

Okay, so today is early Thursday morning. You know on Monday, a spooky thing happened to me. I was shopping all day (omg poor me) and when I got home, for a weird… Continue reading


Phew! Dec 11 until today (the 22nd of December), I’ve been super busy. I couldn’t stop. And I really miss the days when I could lay in bed all day. I have done… Continue reading

And I see

I’ve noticed something about my writing lately: too mundane, too clinical and health wise. But at the same time, I sound neurotic. Right, right? And I remember something else, I mentioned in one… Continue reading

A scary story

How’s your December been so far? Last Friday, my friend called and told me a really creepy thing that had happened to her. Maybe I’ll tell it next time. She’s still thinking about… Continue reading

Accumulating Laughable moments

Do you want to hear a funny story? The most unexpected warmness hit Canada in the last couple of weeks this month. I had been so excited for it. And when it was… Continue reading

A new shift

You know, yesterday all of sudden the colors were peeled off. It left me cold. It was unexpected. The day before that I was bright eyed, full of anticipation and excited. The next… Continue reading

The bad movies I’ve watched

Recently 😂 Last week was one hell of a crazy ride. It lasted until this week Tuesday night (How do I explain it? It was completely different from the week before. 😷 I… Continue reading

It’s this time of the year

So instead of writing last night, I’m updating tonight. How about that And hey how do you like my new emoji? Omg omg so dope. I can’t stop playing. New features from the… Continue reading