Let me explain

I’m onto something here. I pulled an all nighter yesterday you know. Well it’s not rare that I skip sleep from time to time. Yesterday I didn’t plan to stay awake, but I… Continue reading

Before I met her, I had seen her

The first time I met with Harnosha, I was in shocked. I had had the impression that she was a mid-aged woman via our emails. She looked so young, like around 20′, but… Continue reading

Mind on overdrive

7 weeks of training didn’t break me and now after one week of break, I’m sick. I’ve been restless in the past week. Yesterday I almost did something that I had wanted to… Continue reading

Purge and room

I’m curious, do you feel the multi-facet of your room? Perhaps I’m sensitive. I feel the difference of it most days: level of vibrancy, mood, distance. These few days it is too far… Continue reading


Sometimes life takes the strangest turn. I have been feeling too many emotions this week. When I throw myself out there, I don’t feel much at all. Just thoughts and things and experiences.… Continue reading

Break the walls

Some days ago my friend asked me: “I think I have mastered zen. Things come, I don’t get excited; things go, I’m not too sad. I don’t hold on to anything. I let… Continue reading

Official the last day of November

I didn’t think that I would finish this month with a good note. Oh no I didn’t even think I could write anything after November 4. It just seemed the an impossible mission.… Continue reading